Duhamel Sawmill

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Log purchasing

Raw material supply

Duhamel Sawmill, producer of eastern hemlock lumber;
buys and imports over 15 000 000 feet of hemlock logs annually from the United States.

We are an established company with an excellent track record;

  • our hemlock need is constent and year round
  • certified scaler on staff, always providing accurate scales
  • weekly payment in US funds by check our direct deposit
  • trucking services are also available.

We are always searching for additional sources of supply.
Whether you are a large or small supplier we are interested in hearing from you.

As with all suppliers, Duhamel Sawmill wishes to build a solid and lasting partnership.

Log specifications

Species Hemlock Tamarack
Criteria fresh cut, straight, no shake or rot fresh cut, straight, no shake or rot
Lenghts 8' to 20' with 6" trim 8' to 16' with 6" trim
Diameter minimum 8" and up minimum 8" and up


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our log buyer:

Annie-May Guthrie
Toll free: 888 283-8878
Office: 450 296-8282
Cell: 450 542-1752