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3 & Better

The grade that suits for most projects when a face is not visible. It is the ideal grade for construction and projects in which you wish to achieve a rustic look. When thinking backyard shed, fence or patio, it probably is the grade you need.

Pieces in this grade may contain wane, i.e. round edges caused by the lack of wood on one of the two faces. However, it is not all pieces that present the same characteristics and wane free pieces will be found in the lot. This grade is substantially superior to the Economy grade that is frequently found in major retail stores.

The 3 & Better grade is compliant with the NLGA classification rules. For more information on this matter, please contact our sales team.


Our most selective grade. The Premium grade is used when all faces are exposed or when appearance criteria is very strict. It is the grade to select when you want to achieve a modern and minimalist style.

Edges are sharp for the most part, however small wane zones are allowed (about the size of a pencil) for short lengths.