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Installation tips

Protect your project!

In order to preserve the integrity of your project for as long as it is possible, it is important to know and understand what the two main aging accelerators of wood are.

UV rays considerably alter the surface of wood. These rays will discolor the lumber in addition to creating cracks and splits. When sunlight exposure is a component of your project, it is preferable to choose products that are lighter in color that will absorb easily and contain UV blockers.

Fungus and mold need moisture to grow. Therefore, it is important to build your projects in areas with as little water accumulation as possible and with as much air flow as possible.


Working with green lumber

An important quantity of water is contained in green lumber. Thus, finishing products that completely seal the surface of the wood are not recommended since they trap the moisture in the lumber, favoring fungus and mold development.

Two paths you can choose:
Install the green materials, let them season (dry naturally with ambient air for a certain period of time), then when moisture content is stable, apply the finishing product you wish to use.

With the help of finishing technical experts, choose a product that will allow for gas exchanges between wood and air. Some finishing products are semipermeable and will not act as a seal.

Accelerated aging - graying

To accentuate the rustic look and give a special character to a project, there are treatments that bleach reproduce the effect of aging makes the gray wood. You can combine the advantages of using wood whose integrity was not affected by aging with all the charm of aged wood that brings.